Have you ever thought of a fusion between mainstream hip-hop and Indian classical genre? Though the combination of the two genres seems unlikely, Vignesh Shivanand, popularly known as Brodha V, has mastered the art of adding Carnatic flair to quintessential rap. Considered one of India’s best rappers, Brodha V is loved for his unique style of blending Rap Music with Indian classical and folk genres.

As an independent artist, Brodha V believes that good music does not require a record label to become successful. From creating independent content to promoting oneself, artists don’t need labels to play their music.

His latest single ‘Way too easy’ is a rebellious number about proving haters wrong and believing in oneself. His message is that instead of merely obsessing over naysayers, use the rage to work that much harder. People will constantly try to put you down, but prove them all wrong, do the impossible and make it look way too easy! Shot entirely in Bangalore, the new single has already received more than a million views across various media platforms.


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