One for the arts.

Here’s to a country known for its colors, it’s patterns and it’s sense of detail.
Here’s to the people who make that a possibility. Here’s to the artists and the
craftsmen who have created the diverse sensibility and aesthetic that is India.
Here’s to the arts!

Welcome to ArtBlot - An artist label based on apparel.

We believe art is a powerful form of communicating ideas, influencing behaviour
and even changing the world. We’ve built our business on 3 core values –
Collaboration, Creativity, and Quality.


  • ArtBLOT finds and partners with artists, illustrators, designers, collectives, curators, art-houses and creators to merchandise original artwork.
  • We share profits and royalties for every product sold. And we’re very particular that we credit the artist wherever possible.


  • The creators are free to make the art they love, as long as they’re original, unique and fit the technical requirements of the merchandise.
  • We can’t stress enough of how we love new, original styles and idea.


  • ArtBLOT ensures the highest quality of merchandise and printing. We’ve traveled, researched and partnered with some of the best vendors from the country.
  • We work with vendors who care about their products as much as we do, investing time and effort in finding only the best raw materials to work with.
  • We are constantly sharing knowledge so as to keep up with developments and improvements.

Our efforts revolve around the artists and their work.  We strongly believe that
ArtBLOT can only be as successful and popular as our artists or their work.

Simply put, when the artists get popular, their merchandise is in demand.
When the artists make money, we make money.